Predestination and the Bifröst

The total of the works of Martin Luther is somewhere north of 600 volumes.  By any measure that is considerable—especially when one considers that none of them are hackneyed discourses.  However, of all these, Martin Luther valued only two worth retaining as containing his consistent totality concerning the Christian faith.  This was not because the … More Predestination and the Bifröst

Resigned to Judgment

The main reason so many false views of so called Christian sanctification (a.k.a. Christian “growth”, “progress”, etc.) thrive today, is that Luther’s point on the resignatio ad infernum is lost.  In short this is the same thing Paul is saying when he says he wishes he could exchange himself for his brethren in the flesh … More Resigned to Judgment

“The Eclipse, Phenomena, & The End of the World!?”

On August the 21st of this year a rare, total solar eclipse will pass through the United States and fervor abounds.  Is it natural phenomena or is it a sign of the end of the world?  Well, yes and no! The much anticipated total eclipse will be crossing the United States on Monday.  To secular thinking it is merely … More “The Eclipse, Phenomena, & The End of the World!?”

The Conveniently Forgotten “Pro Me”

The protestant church claims to love grace.  Grace, grace, grace…Sola gratia they say.  But the grace most like to hear about is the “God forgives you for Jesus’ sake but…if…“.  They really like adjective grace – i.e. the devil’s “grace”. What most really love hearing is the Law being snuck in the back door again … More The Conveniently Forgotten “Pro Me”

Sanctification: Faith’s Confirmation of Its Sole Dependence On the Forgiveness of Sin (I.e. “I am baptized!” M. Luther)

Short extraction from Danish Lutheran pastor and theologian Regin Prenter’s:  Creation and Remeption “Atonement and Renewal” “The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.  The eternal unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the basis of the unity between creation and redemption, between atonement and renewal.  The proclamation of the word, … More Sanctification: Faith’s Confirmation of Its Sole Dependence On the Forgiveness of Sin (I.e. “I am baptized!” M. Luther)

Debate Report!

  Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, and Bill Clinton joined forces last week to debate Dr. Martin Luther at Cambridge University on “What the Meaning of Is – Is”. A promising spirited debate for certain! However, the debate was quickly mired down when shortly after the title was announced Clinton opened with the first salvo, “It … More Debate Report!

“The Unpreached God Vs. The Preached God”

The number of works written by Martin Luther is without exception voluminous and extraordinary.  If anyone today were to attempt to equal his feat, let alone exceed it, he would despair of the attempt before him.  His considerable body of work numbers over 600 titles. Of all these writings, Martin Luther said before his death … More “The Unpreached God Vs. The Preached God”